Sunday, June 04, 2006

Time Bomb

This week, we've got a nice selection of pop music from the 80's & 90's since that's what the kids seem to like these days.

Some years ago, my brother and I bought a shitload of random old 7 inches from this hipster record store that was going out of business for five cents apiece. Buying records based on their covers and/or the band's name means you'll probably end up with a high percentage of complete garbage, but discovering the occasional gem makes it all worth it. Plus if you're in a punk rock band, you can throw these unwanted 7 inches at your Audience who actually came to see Good riddance or whatever mediocre group your opening for. When they hit something solid, 7-inches explode spectacularly, raining shards of vinyl everywhere! Waste not, want not, I always say.

It was among these singles that I discovered much of the following music. The Dog Faced Hermans are a "post-punk" / "avant-punk" group from the late 80's and early 90's. I think they were originally from Scotland. I eventually tracked down most of their other records and I highly recommend them all (their last 2 LPs were released by Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label so at least those should be relatively easy to get ahold of). I know nothing about Afterimage and the Baby Flies. They're fun. tho.

Probably my favorite of these five-cent singles is by this incredible Japanese band. There's not a lot of English on the cover so I'm not even sure what this band's called. I don't speak it or nothin', but I once took a Japanese language class. What I assume is their name spells something like "Saakadeian-Rizumu." Since it's written in katakana, I guess this is supposed to be an american word. Is the second part supposed to be "rhythm"? I don't know. Anyone have any idea?

God bless our brave stockbrokers. 1. Dog Faced Hermans: Time Bomb 2. Afterimage: the Long Walk 3. the Baby Flies: Pictures and Parties 4. Saakadeian-Rizumu(?): My favorite Flesh fragrance / Paradise Lost 5. Red Aunts: Terri Man 6. Elliott Smith: miss misery 7. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Flavor #2 8. Rasputina: the Olde Headboard (remix) 9. Interlude 10. Brian Dewan: Breezes are Blowing 11. Ex Girl 12. Nine Inch Nails: Get Down Make Love 13. Dog Faced Hermans: Too Much for the Red Ticker 14. the Plastics: Top Secret Man 15. the Baby Flies: I only burn in the morning 16. Afterimage: Strange Confession 17. gary Numan: instrumental 18. Red Aunts: little drummer boy 19. David Lynch and John Neff: Pink Western Range 20. James Kochaulka Superstar: Bad Astronaut 21. Saakadeian Rizumu(?): Fat Ouspensky 22. Brian Dewan: Cadavers

Download: part one. part two.


Phillip said...

"Circadian Rythym(s)"! The name refers to one's sleep cycle, but you knew that, right? Mine's all messed up, that's why I'm writing this at 6am. I've been up since 11:30 yesterday, I gotta get some sleep. I'll listen to this mix tomorrow and let you know how I liked it. Check out my buddy Bret's blog: He makes good mixtapes, too.

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duchamp said...

excellent compilation! reminds me of my past listening/playing experience, which appeals to me, since i haven't listened to music like this in years.

Adam Infanticide said...

thanks for the info, phillip. I wonder if they made any other records!