Saturday, June 10, 2006

nintendo's greatest hits

For a long time I've wanted to make one of those Dusty Fingers-style "beats and breaks" bootleg compilations of old-school NES music. It's a million dollar idea! What DJ / producer / nerd wouldn't want all their favorite Nintendo game music on wax to scratch, sample or just enjoy? I'd buy one. Unfortunately, I'm an awful businessman and wouldn't know how to successfully distribute such a record, especially because of it's dubious legality. So here for you to enjoy is a fab selection of tunes recorded directly from the audio output of the old grey box. Those Japanese computer nerds composed some amazingly catchy (and often pretty far-out) music using an extremely limited palette sounds. I put this collection together a few years ago and it barely scratches the surface of the great music that came out of the NES. I'll have to make another one of these someday (the only reason I haven't is cuz it's a fairly tedious undertaking and I've misplaced some of my old games). Oh, and if you steal my idea and put this stuff out on vinyl and make a bunch of bread, the least you can do is send me a copy!

1. Super Mario 2 intro
2. Zelda intro
3. Super Mario bros. theme
4. Battle of Olympus: the Salamander pit
5. Marble Madness: world 1
6. Super Mario 3: ice world
7. Super Mario 2: indoor music
8. Metroid: intro

9. Battle of Olympus: Zeus
10. Zelda 2 intro

11. Super Mario 2 main theme
12. Zelda: the death of link
13. Kid Icarus theme
14. Zelda 2: fight scene

15. Metroid: corridor
16. Battle of Olympus: intro
17. Super Mario: underworld
18. Ninja Gaiden theme
19. Super Mario 3: coin heaven
20. Marble Madness: world 3
21. Super Mario 2: character select
22. Metroid: Brinstar zone
23. Zelda 2: map
24. Mega Man theme
25. Super Mario Bros: invincible!
26. Simon's quest theme
27. Metroid: world 1
28. Zelda: castle theme
29. Marble Madness: world 2
30. Super Mario bros: underwater
31. Super Mario bros: triumphant
32. metroid: world 2
33. zelda theme
34. Castlevania: intro
35. super Mario 2: boss
36. Metroid: Norfair Zone
37. Zelda 2: village song
38. super Mario bros: king koopa
39. Mega man 3: finale

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rich said...

Wow, I'm impressed with these mixes. Entertaining stuff! I've got you linked now too.

Lazar said...

Hahaa :)
Man, your a genious..
You drove me back i my childhood days... Careless, playing Nintendo...
My favorite was Super Mario..

About the Twilight Zone Series:
The bons tracks are not in the album, I included them, becouse without the marius constatnt opening, it's nothing :)

and second: can you scan the volume 1 covers that you fave in your possesion?

Your pal Lazar...

BreakEclectic said...

I ain't heard it yet but i know dat i gonna use it, thanks, great work !!! Tomorrow a gonna sample some of those 8 bit tunes ;)

Karl said...

Hey great idea, I think someone may have stole it by now, I do have a record called "Video Game Breaks" It has a nice variety but really Yours sounds better..You should still make a cd of that or something. I'd buy it, but preferably on vinyl of course.. this is the real gem though -
If anyone has more info on this record let Me know .

Likedeeler said...

hey mr adam, i was lucky to catch this from you once and i just reupped the comp. mainly because i want a friend to listen to it. thanks for your work and good taste! if you post the new link here i will link to your post. check
and leave a comment when you do.
best wishes

Likedeeler said...

oh, yeah sure, and the link is

Anonymous said...

Another one bites the dust. . .


The above poster will pay you $20.00 to repost it!

Paul Troon

Adam Infanticide said...

this one should be back up now, kids.