Saturday, May 27, 2006

The cave

Ok, here's a brand-new mix that I think you'll enjoy. It features two seven-inches I recently acquired that I'd been trying to find for years. Gary "Spider" Webb's "the Cave" is one of the most bizarre records ever made. Both sides consist of teens, Julie and Jimmy stumbling around in a cave calling each other's name over a reverb-drenched surf-jam. Pure genius. I don't really know anything about Gary Webb. I'm pretty sure he was a session musician and he's got another 45 out ("drum city"), though unfortunately, I've never heard it. "The Cave" was released by Bamboo Records (I'm guessing) in the early sixties.

Ray Cathode's "Time Beat" is a record put out by a pre-Beatles George Martin on the Parlophone Label in 1962. Credited to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, "Time Beat" mixes experimental electronic effects with a minimalist George Martin arrangement,
It vaguely reminds me Ferrante and Tiecher's prepared piano records. the Tornados' "Jungle Fever" is of course the b-side to the Joe Meek classic, "Telstar."

1. It Came From Outer Space!

2. Gary "Spider" Webb: the cave part 1
Paul Lowry: I got rhythm
Bill Watkins: Space Love
5. poinciana

6. Everlasting Gobstopper machine
7 Ray Cathode:Time beat
8. Transporter Energize
9. Batman
10. Swing a little Kim a little
11. Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans: What is the Milky Way? (space songs)

Pastor John Rydgren: Careful
13. Richard Nixon (song poem)

14. The Tornados: jungle fever
15. Raymond Scott: Ripples (
Manhattan Research Inc)
16. Ford Motor Company: Standing On The Corner
17. les Baxter
: Barbarian
18. Wonder woman excerpt
19. Sexy Girls

Raymond Scott: Twilight In Turkey (Manhattan Research Inc)
21 Out of This World
22 Hasil Adkins: cat walk
Paul Lowry: sabre dance
24. Leonard Nimoy: The Difference Between Us

25. Stella: beatnik's D'Occasion
26. Justice League of America theme
27. Ray cathode: waltz in orbit

28. The House Of Famous Name Brands
Ed Wood / Orgy Of The Dead soundtrack: She Lived As A zombie...
30. Theme
31. The Sho-Men: Slowly
Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans: electricity(singing science - energy & motion songs)
Pastor John Rydgren: a butterfly doing push ups
34. Gary "Spider" Webb: the cave part 2
35. Estelle: the Year 2000
36: Low Speed

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belchus said...

great mix. been looking for ray cathode for a long time.

those pastor john rydgren tracks are hilarious!

look forward to more mixes....

siderealist said...

Is there any chance you could re-up this particular one:)

Adam Infanticide said...

OK, it's back up. enjoy.

juana tenorio said...

Hi its possible to download again this album now its impossible
thanks so much

Adam Infanticide said...

should be back up, kids.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much
see you

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could re-upload it again please? Looks ace!


Anonymous said...

there you are, ya ingrates.

Anonymous said...

Could you please re-up it again? That would be grrreat!

J. Lemon said...

I check back occasionally to see if they has been re-upped. Still no luck. I've located 90% myself from other sources but if you could re-share this awesome collection again it would be much appreciated.... even 12 years later! Whatever, keep up the great work!