Sunday, May 21, 2006

88 Lines About 44 Women

Back in the old days, I used make meticulous notes of track and artist info for every mix-tape I made. Eventually I started to feel that this constituted sort of unhealthy obsessive behavior and resolved to worry less about documenting everything. Also mixes I got from other people tended to have less than complete song information so I decided, 'why bother.' So hopefully you'll be able to enjoy these bizarre selections of tunes even if I can't remember each song's name.

1. the Nails: 88 Lines About 44 Women
2. Raymond Scott: don't beat your wife...
3. melt banana: surfin' USA
4. tape beatles: scientists are working
5. the green hornet
6. Shaggs: who are parents?
7. john zorn
8. spanish fly
9. theme
10. Daniel Johnston: Sorry Entertainer
11. Donovan: Sunny Goode Street
12. Jandek
13. theme
14. Shaggs: my Pal Foot Foot
Jaan Pehechaan ho
16. theme
17. Tarzan
melt banana: Santa Claus
Daniel Johnston: the Beatles
21. tape Beatles
22. helicopters
Shaggs: philosophy of the world
24. theme
25. Ex-Girl
Daniel Johnston: love defined
27. Fake Beatles: Pink Litmus Shirt

part one part two

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