Sunday, May 14, 2006

select Beatles songs backwards

yeah... I was into it before it was cool.
For my second post, we have something that'll probably appeal only to a very limited amount of people. Yes, it's simply a selection of Beatles tunes backwards. I can see how folks could consider this pretty much unlistenable, but to me many backwards Beatles songs are an enjoyable listening experience, almost becoming an all-new Beatles record! What's to stop anyone from taking their own records and reversing them using some cheap audio softwhere? Nothing (in fact I'm only slightly surprised no one's released a crappy set of bootlegs called "Backwards-ology" or something), but I've already done it for you.

1. Happiness is a warm gun
2. being for the benefit of Mr. Kite
3. Elenor Rigby
4. I am the Walrus
5. I Dig a Pony
6. the fool on the hill
7. I Feel Fine
8. Strawberry Fields Forever
9. Piggies
10. Come Together
11. Cry Baby Cry
12. Flying
13. Rain
14. Tomorow never knows
15. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
16. Long Long Long
17. Mother nature's Son
18. Because
19. Here comes the sun
20. a day in a life
21. across the universe
22. revolution #9
23. I'm only sleeping



Jason said...

A shockingly good idea, and you're totally right about the curious lack of some kind of bootleg series along these lines. Hell, why not? I know that I sure as hell spent hours doing this manually w/ a turntable & a cassette deck as a kid (& then again years later once I scored a 4-track).

Y'know, I've actually often thought to myself that I ought to play every song I've ever written backwards & then just learn them that way (imagining that this would yield me a new round of tunes w/ minimal effort, w/ the added bonus that they'd already sound kinda like "me"), but it's one of those ideas that has never gotten enough of my mental traction to actually do. Maybe today I'l get inspired enough to give it a shot.

robl said...

A similarly 'interesting idea' that I've stumbled across is
Using AcidPro (or similar multitrack wave edit prog)
assembling an ENTIRE ALBUM, say Sgt Pepper or Dark Side of the Moon, so that you hear every track simultaneously!
Yep! hear the whole record in as long as the longest track takes to play.
It's a total cacophonous mess but it saves so much time!
You have fun picking out bits of songs amongst the noise.
Marvel at the insane explosion of sound created.

beepbeepitsme said...

RE Popular Culture

"Keep You Doped With Religion And Sex And TV"

Anonymous said...

Can you please do a re-post/new link?


Anonymous said...

it's been re-posted on beware of the blog.

I think someone else posted it as well. enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I really would like to have that one, too...
Thank You!"