Friday, June 23, 2006

Music To Watch Girls By

Here's a fun mix featuring a lot of crapcore / "outsider music"-type shit. Much of this came from Ubuweb's 365 Days project which featured a mp3 of bizarre music for every day of a year. There are some incredible finds there. I've also included some recordings from a radio show in which Brian Dewan shared recordings of music boxes / mechanical music.

1. warp drive
2. Who Cares?
3. Pastor John Rydgren: A Beautiful Girl / Music To Watch Girls By
4. Raymond Scott / Manhattan Research
5. Nelson Riddle: Lolita Ya Ya
6. tha Shaggs: things I wonder
7. Joe Meek / the Blue Men: I hear
a new world
8. Los Cuatro Amigos en el Espacio - Trácate
9. Raymond Scott: complete communications...
10. Daniel Johnston: Lullabye (Don't be scared)
11. Van Morrison: Ringworm
12. VD Song
13. The Central High School Cafeteria Band: First Rhapsody For Knives, Forks & Spoons parts 1 & 2

14. Brian dewan: mechanical music #1
15. Raymond Scott: lightworks

16. the Peanuts
17. Lucia Pamela: Indian Alphabet chant
18. Varese fragment #1
19. Hasil Adkins: Jenny Lou
20. Van Morrison: you say france & I Whistle
21. Brian dewan: mechanical music #2
22. Metamorpho (power records)
23. Daniel Johnston: rarely
24. Varese fragment #2
25. Raymond Scott / Manhattan Research
26. David Rose: the stripper
27. Joe Meek / the Blue Men: Disc Dance of the Globbots
28. Daniel Johnston: the undertaker's assistant
29. Brian dewan: mechanical music #3
30. Sonik Omi - Ree Baba Ree Baba
31. Brian dewan: put your money where your mouth is
32. The Tunetwisters: The Popcorn Man
33. Van Morrison: Want A Danish?
34. Daniel Johnston: you ruined it for yourself
35. Herby and Elena Ayers: What Would We Do Without Glass?
36. Ellen Fullman: Change of direction (long string instrument)
37. The Ken Nordine Group - Six Commercials In Search Of A Client



Yabatx said...

Who's the Chinese girl she looks cute!

Phillip said...

365 days rocks!

Phillip said...

Is it weird that I already have almost all of these songs? I guess that means I'll probably enjoy the ones here I've never heard...

yesyesyes said...

It gone daddy gone 091107

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