Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Digital Underground: b sides & rarities

Ever since I heard "Doowuchalike," I've been a huge fan of Digital Underground. While well known for "the Humpty Dance" and a few other hits (and for being the group that "discovered" the extremely overrated Tupac Shakur), Digital Underground's albums have been largely ignored. Defying easy categorization, Shock G's George Clinton-inspired hip hop was far more musically sophisticated than most any of their contemporaries ...and they had a great sense of humor. Included in this mix is one of the b-sides from the hella rare Freaks of the Industry promo single and two alternate versions of songs from their brilliant-but-completely-slept-on 5th album, Future Rhythm. Some of the shit on this mix is pretty corny and not up to the quality of their best material, but fun nonetheless. I suggest you check out all of DU's records.

1. freaks of the industry ("version 3" remix)
2. no nose job (remix)

3. Cinnamon Waves (remix)

4. Hella Bump (remix)

5. Black Book (African Identity)

Call It What U Want (Above the Law with 2Pac & Money B)
The Original Lesson
8. Where God Comes

9. I get around (live)

10. Close the Crackhouse (fragment)

11. Freaky Pumps (Fatlip with Shock G)

12. Packet Man (45 King remix)

13. Kiss you Back (chocolate exploding remix)

14. Glootius Maximus (remix)

15. Nuttin Nis Funky (live '91)

16. Music and Girls

17. I got 5 on it (remix)

18. Way of Life (Stylophonic - remix)

part one

part two


friend electric said...

ah, thank you.
DU were pretty cool. My favourite is "Sons of the P", the weakest overall "Body-Hat" (even there are a lot of very good tracks on it)

Anonymous said...

Can you please re-post the rapid share download link? When I clicked on it, I got a pop up message saying it has expired. I love DU & I thank you in advance!

MJ said...

New Digital Underground album drops on 5/27. Their new official myspace is @ http://www.myspace.com/humptyfunk

Anonymous said...


I'm still downloading pt 1, but since I'm a big DU-Fan since Humpty Dance: Thank You!

Is there a ...rariities vol. 1 and vol. 2 (this one says vol. 3)?


Anonymous said...

Another request for a new link... would LOVE to dl this and any other volumes of vintage DU funk.

Thanks so much for upping these in the first place! Sorry I'm late to the party... :(