Saturday, October 04, 2008

old-timey mysteries

Here we have a few songs I taped off the radio about 15 years ago. The station was one of Santa Cruz's public radio stations (probably either KUSP or KZSC). I can't remember the details but the show these songs came from obviously featured old pop 78's from the 20's & 30's. I'm familiar with versions of a few of these songs done by other people but don't know who is performing these (any information would be appreciated). That said, these are eight awesomely corny old tunes that I still enjoy including the hilarious "he fall down go boom.". The sound quality is very good, though there's some extremely minor FM static and being that these are old-ass records, surface noise. Enjoy.
here's the (probable) track titles:

Chew your Bubblegum - Ella Fitzgerald (?)
I Faw Down Go Boom - Irving Kaufman (?)
Thank your Father
Walkin' Around in the Rain
I Never Dreamt You'd Fall In Love with Me
a precious little thing called love
(and two instrumental sides)

any information would be appreciated!


Anonymous said...

please new, rapidshare link for "Select Beatles songs backwards" (May 14, 2006)!!!

adam said...

yes, the link is dead. but it was reposted at wfmu's blog.

get it here:

Anonymous said...

Can you please do a re-post/new link for revolution #9, on the revolution #9 are not found

Anonymous said...

I'll see what I can do...

Anonymous said...

The first song is by ella fitzgerald. Thank you, I've been looking for this song and I couldn't find it.

the mishap collective said...

that was my guess for that one but I wasn't sure. I remember Kurt Vonnegut mentioning "he fall down go boom" in one of his books but the details escape me.

Adam Infanticide said...

apparently its titled "I Faw down and go boom" and it's by Irving Kaufman. oh yeah!