Friday, June 15, 2007

eddie & the witch doctor, etc.

Just a quick post with a few tunes for anyone who's interested. First we've got Eddie and the witch doctor from the Sauter-Finegan orchestra's fairly rare debut LP. With it's ample use of wild percussion, screeching flute and a anguished yell, it's definitely the most far-out track on the album.

Business, Business is a minimalist song (trap kit, chanted vocals & occasional sound effects) from a Muppets skit on the Ed Sullivan show which quickly portrays a revolution and it's inevitable corruption.

Next we have San Francisco's infamous Muppet cover band, the Dead Hensons playing the "banned" Sesame Street tune, I want a monster to be my friend which was removed presumably because of it's racy, potentially child-molester-ey overtones.

And since they have several band members in common with the Hensons, why not end with the Gomorran Social Aid & Pleasure Club? Their rendition of Your Feet's too Big is an outtake from the Gomorrans' wonderful debut album. Have fun!