Saturday, November 04, 2006

Beatles instrumentals

Here's a compilation I've been meaning to put together for some time: a collection of instrumental Beatles tracks. I'd definitely be into buying a copy if they released something like this legitimately (despite the fact that they recorded a lot of stuff simultaneously with minimal separation on only four tracks most of the time, I'm sure the vocals could easily be mixed out of most Beatles songs.) The stuff here comes from unused backing tracks, some edits I put together myself and the bootleg "Oopsology" series (by the way, in my many years making music, I have never heard anyone except Beatles bootleggers use the term "out-of-phase stereo" to describe one channel of a hard-panned stereo mix). Hope you dig this!

1. Day Tripper

2. Strawberry Fields (orchestral)
3. Help
4. Blue Jay Way
5. Sgt. Pepper
6. for no one
7. Magical Mystery Tour
8. Paperback Writer (fragment)
9. only a northern song
10. when I'm 64
11. Flying
12. baby, you're a rich man
13. hello, goodbye
14. 12 bar original
15. savoy truffle
16. she said, she said
17. I am the Walrus
18. we can work it out
19. Strawberry Fields
20. Taxman
21. fixing a hole
22. bad Boy
23. your mother should know
24. hey bulldog
25. I feel fine
26. oh, Darling
27. honey, don't

karaoke party!


Anonymous said...

Very nice collection of Beatles instrumentals! I enjoyed it very much. Can you please re-post the rapid share link to download the Digital Underground B-Sides & Rarities because that link has unfortunately expired. I thank you in advance!

Adam Infanticide said...

I've got the DU mix back up. Let me know if there's any other problems.

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Ted said...

Ahhh.... the finished versions are ok... but the backing tracks are amazingly delightful. Thanks

Karel said...

Very interesting. But I can't see "Cry for a Shadow" track here, though...

Phillip said...

Very cool. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Any chance someone could re-up this?


Anonymous said...

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goodwill said...

please re upload this instrumental set, i was unable to find a link that worked

thanks much for your efforts!

Anonymous said...

Could you pleeaase repost the Beatles instrumentals?
Thank You!